OTTOTD 1:28:15 Draft & Voting Fallout

In our first expansion draft the two new entrants selected:


Max Scherzer, Alex Cobb, Michael Wacha, Kyle Seager, Jay Bruce


Jose Fernandez, Stephen Strasburg, Adam Jones, Chris Archer, Manny Machado

Good luck to all of you. NOT!!

We voted on some various topics. Here’s the results:

Eliminate 2B/SS: 7 Yes, 0 No    One more yes and we can officially close this

Second DL Spot: 8 Yes, 1 No    This passes and will be so

CF + 4 OF: 2 Yes, 5 No       Need more votes before calling it

LF/CF/RF/OF/OF:   3 Yes, 2 No   Need more votes before calling it

Drop 1B/3B:  0 Yes, 3 No    See “Infield Position” below

Drop 1 OF, Replace with Util:  1 Yes, 2 No     Need more votes

Penalize inactive owners:   3 Yes, 2 No       Need more votes

2nd & 3rd DL Spot:  1 Yes, 4 No       Need more votes

Infield Position in lieu of cIF or mIF:  6 Yes, 0 No  Very close to passing

2SP/2RP/4P: 4 Yes, 1 No    Need more votes

4 OF: 2 Yes, 3 No   Need more votes

So we will definitely be eliminating 2B/SS for next year, but nothing else is official yet. If you haven’t, please go take the time to vote on these things. Some of them can probably be consolidated, but we can sort that out later. I’m seeing some fairly obvious trends developing, but we need more votes before we can call anything official.