The MLBDraft Gets Invaded By the #CuckLife – OTTOTD in OOTP

As you may have heard, I’m gonna make your own cuckselves into OOTP 14 as amateur prospects and follow all of you blue seaters through the years. I’ll keep this going until all of you retire, and will allow you to reroll if your prospect is a worthless piece of shit flames out. Here’s how this is going to work, please fill out the following:

Nickname (If you want one):
Age (17-22):
Handidness for Batting/Throwing:

Personality: Describe this as best you can, including Leadership, How much you want to win, Loyalty, Greed, Work Ethic(lol), and Intelligence.

I’m going to Hard RNG your injury proneness to keep things fair.

Batters: Please put 200 points into the following offensive categories, depending on how much weight you want to put in each.

Contact, Gap Power, HR Power, Batting Eye, Running Speed, Stealing Ability, Baserunning Skills, Bunting.
Give a range of your velocity of 6 MPH, ie 90-96, 92-98, etc.

Choose your pitch repertoire, and rate each pitch so that all of the pitches add up to 100: ie;(Fastball 50, ChangeUp 25, Slider 25)

Rate the following 3 categories so they add up to 100


Defensive Stuff (For Everybody): Adding up to 100
Error Proneness

I’ll probably make posts for the draft, and then updates for every in game month or two, and your scouting reports and stuff. I’m hoping for the first update probably by Sunday, so please get your stuff in by Friday. I’ll be making sure that no one has a potential worse than Sam Fuld(Or a replacement MLB Player), so don’t worry.


Name: Kyle Payne

Nickname: “Payner”
Age (17-22): 20
Position: C
Bats: R
Throws: R
Height: 5’10″
Weight: 180
Ethnicity: American
Birthplace: San Jose, CA
Personality: Payne is a quiet leader and is extremely loyal to his team. His work ethic has been questioned due to his outside interests, but is always the first to practice and the last to leave.

Range: 50
Error Proneness:150
Arm: 150

Gap Power:50
HR Power: 10
Batting Eye: 100
Running Speed: 40
Stealing Ability: 80
Baserunning Skills: 60
Bunting: 10

Todd Kalas
Todd Kalas

Name: Todd Kalas

Nickname (If you want one): Strapping Young Lad, The Cunt Punter

Age (17-22): 18

Position: SP

Handidness for Batting/Throwing: R/R

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185

Ethnicity: Caucasian with a healthy tan

Personality: Incredibly intelligent, leader of men, but mostly I'm in it for the pussy. Lots and lots of pussy. Have bishes give me head in the tunnel between innings just like Daryl Strawberry.

Pitchers: Give a range of your velocity of 6 MPH, ie 90-96, 92-98, etc.

Choose your pitch repertoire, and rate each pitch so that all of the pitches add up to 100: ie;(Fastball 50, ChangeUp 25, Slider 25)


 Fastball:100  104-110mph

Stuff - 30

Movement -30

Control - 40


Defensive Stuff (For Everybody):

Range - 40

Error Proneness - 30

Arm -30



Name: Cee  Thatcher


Nickname : Bourbon Basset Hound


Age (17-22): 18


Position: catcher


Handidness for Batting/Throwing: S/R


Height: 6


Weight: 200


Ethnicity: Pale


Personality: Ignorant and blames others for his short cummings , and all about the money, fame, and glory. Lacks determination and grit, but willing to take anything from anybody in order to get on top.

Ethic(lol), and Intelligence.


I’m going to Hard RNG your injury proneness to keep things fair.




Contact 40


Gap Power 30


HR Power 60


Batting Eye = 40


Running Speed = 10


Stealing Ability = 10


Baserunning Skills = 10


Bunting = 0


Range 10


Error Proneness 40


Arm 50

El pibe
El pibe

Name: Dead E. Yerr


Nickname (If you want one): Gas Can Boyd


Age (17-22): 17 (on doctored birth certificate)


Position: Pitcher


Handidness for Batting/Throwing: Lefty


Height: 6-1


Weight: 159


Ethnicity: Hispanic


Personality: I am Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez, and Don Drysdale all rolled up in a Jos. A Banks suit. I am smart, slick and love the ladies and the nightlife.


Velocity: 92-98


Pitch repertoire: 4 seam (45) Change (25) Curve (25) Knuckle (5)


Stuff: 60


Movement: 30


Control: 10


Defensive Stuff (For Everybody):


Range: 30


Error Proneness: 20


Arm: 50



TopGunNumba1 moderator

Name: Topper Gunn


Nickname (If you want one): The Cum Slinger


Age (17-22): 18


Position: Closer


Handidness for Batting/Throwing: Left/Switch


Height: 6'9"


Weight: 240


Ethnicity: Black as night


Personality: Natural leader with an intense will to win. Basically Kobe. Lots of work ethic, and genius level intelligence. Fiercely loyal.


I’m going to Hard RNG your injury proneness to keep things fair. - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN


Pitchers: 96-102

Choose your pitch repertoire, and rate each pitch so that all of the pitches add up to 100: 

Fastball: 69

Circle Change: 31


Rate the following 3 categories so they add up to 100

Stuff: 60

Movement 25

Control 15

Defensive Stuff (For Everybody):

Range 40

Error Proneness 40

Arm 20




Defensive Stuff (For Everybody):

Range 30

Error Proneness 40

Arm 30


Name: Bai Lin

Nickname (If you want one): The Great Wall of Whammy

Age (17-22):17

Position: SS

Handidness for Batting/Throwing: S/R

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175

Ethnicity: Chinese

Personality: Quiet and closed off. Not much of a leader, but a team player.  Wants to win more than he wants money. Very intelligence, speaks three languages. Very driven player. No history of injury.


Contact - 60

Gap Power - 30

HR Power - 50

Batting Eye - 30

Running Speed - 10

Stealing Ability - 10

Baserunning Skills - 10

Bunting - 0


Did I win?

JaxRaysGirl moderator

Name:Cupcake Glitterballz (female)

Nickname (If you want one): Ho-Ballz

Age (17-22):18 (legal)

Position: 2B, SS, OF

Handidness for Batting/Throwing: Switch (primarily right)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135

Ethnicity: American (by way of Germany)

Personality: I am a PhD candidate and  look forward to being the first woman in MLB.  I love winning and work harder than the boys to ensure that I can be competitive.  I've never taken any drugs and don't see the point in polluting the temple of Glitterballz.  I value team loyalty over money, and can easily envision myself playing for the same team throughout my career.  No history of injury.


Contact - 32

Gap Power - 28

HR Power - 14

Batting Eye - 36

Running Speed - 29

Stealing Ability - 11

Baserunning Skills - 14

Bunting - 36


P Brady, I want to change my nickname to The Cocaine Cosmonaut, thanks in advance


Name: Zane Moon

Nickname (If you want one): Zima

Age (17-22): 17

Position: 2B/3B/SS

Handidness for Batting/Throwing: R/R

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 152

Ethnicity: mediterranean

Personality: team leader, hatred of losing, very loyal, greedy in the sense that being on a good team is great but also believes in self enough to lead team of scrubs to contention, gym rat and the most sweat stains,  too intelligent for sports. 

INjury: no broken bones, no antibiotics, no flu shots, no vaccinations, no monsanto


Contact 42

Gap Power 33

HR Power  17

Batting Eye 22

Running Speed 48

Stealing Ability 22

Baserunning Skills 16

Bunting 0


Range 69

Error Proneness 10

Arm 21



Name: Sanderson Nopantalones

Nickname (If you want one): Sandals

Age (17-22): 20

Position: 3b/ss/rf - played all of those, so whatevs

Handedness for Batting/Throwing: R/R

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 198 (oh, to be 20 again and not a fat ass)

Ethnicity: Caucasian


Personality: Team leader, obsession with winning, not loyal, would rather share than be greedy yet am cheap, decent work ethic, basically MENSA


I have broken 11 bones, so I am injury prone anyway.  Go for it.


Contact 50

Gap Power 30

HR Power 30

Batting Eye 30

Running Speed 30

Stealing Ability 10

Baserunning Skills 20

Bunting 0


Range 30

Error Proneness 20

Arm 50


Name: Nomore de Vil (with one of those accent thingies over the first name "e")

Nickname: The Lost Poet of the Susquehanna

Age: 20

Position: 2b (MIF)

Handedness for Batting/Throwing: S/R

Height: 6'

Weight: 190

Ethnicity: White

Personality: Smart, loyal, and GRITTY. It's all about the TEAM, man!

Contact: 35

Gap: 22

HR Power: 8

Eye: 30

Running Speed: 24

Stealing Ability: 18

Base Running Ability: 28

Bunting: 35 (!)

Range: 40

Error: 35

Arm: 25


Name: Sandy Kazmir

Nickname: The Cocaine Cowboy

Age (17-22): 17

Position: SS

Handidness for Batting/Throwing: L/R

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185

Ethnicity: Cracker

Personality: Incredibly intelligent gamer that likes to leave it all out on the field, but isn't afraid to toss back some cold ones when he's off it.



Contact: 25

Gap Power:  35

HR Power:  15

Batting Eye:  35

Running Speed: 40

Stealing Ability: 25

Baserunning Skills:  25

Bunting: 0

Defensive Stuff (For Everybody):

Range: 40

Error Proneness: 10

Arm: 50


Name: Ron Pudding

Nickname (If you want one): The Gritmonster

Age (17-22): 19 (since I can't be my real age)

Position: SS

Handidness (sic) for Batting/Throwing: R/R

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175 

Ethnicity: very pale



Leadership: yep

How much you want to win: sure

Loyalty: nah

Greed: so-so

Work Ethic: good

Intelligence: high


Contact: 35

Gap Power: 45

HR Power: 20

Batting Eye: 15

Running Speed: 35

Stealing Ability: 30

Baserunning Skills: 20

Bunting: 0 (fuck that shit)


Range 35

Errors 30

Arm 35


Redacted Cuckman

The Reverse Apache Master



Bat L, Throw R

6', 180lbs




Contact: 35

Gap power: 40

HR Power: 50

Batting Eye: 30

Running: 20

Stealing: 5

Baserunning: 10

Bunting: 10


Range: 35

Errors: 25

Arm: 40


Name: Basil Smotherman, III

Nickname (If you want one): Sweet Leaf

Age (17-22): 18

Position: Pitcher

Handedness for Batting/Throwing: Left/Left

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 269

Ethnicity: WHITE

Personality: Greedy s o b who plays by his own rules, loves to stir the pot by drilling truebulls that lean over the plate. He owns the inside corner. 


2 Seam FB, 70, 96-100mph

Curve, 20, 70-74 mph

Splitter, 10, 80-86mph


Stuff 70

Movement 10

Control  20


Range 10

Error Proneness 50

Arm 40



Oh, there it is! Prolly gonna post six times now.


 @Warde two-pitch pitcher will end up middle/long relief lol


Starting pitcher if possible 

P Brady
P Brady

 @Warde I'll start everyone as a starter and if they have to move off they have to move off

P Brady
P Brady

 @Warde unless someone REALLY wants to be a closer


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    DEAR JEANNIE LEONARD: My sister’s stepchildren are miserable tightwads. Several years ago, my sister “Kathleen” and her husband “Larry” bought two adjacent cemetery plots. Now he’s died, and his two kids from his first marriage are his executors…

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    The person she talking about was Steven Dale Free, Ingram brother. He took five bullets and survived, but had shrapnel left in his lung. He died of lung cancer in 2011 and Ingram thinks the shrapnel caused it.

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    Raqib R, Ekberg C, Sharkar P, et al. Apoptosis in acute shigellosis is associated with increased production of Fas/Fas ligand, perforin, caspase 1, and caspase 3 but reduced production of Bcl 2 and interleukin 2. Infect Immun 2002; 70: 3199 3207.

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